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SAB Goblin Thunder Sport Kit SG718
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SAB Goblin Thunder Sport Kit SG718
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 September, 2017.
Item Price:

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Item Description

Kit Goblin 700 SPORT

• Main rotor diameter: 1568 mm
• HPS Head
• Main blade length: 690-710 mm
• Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm
• Tail blade length: 115 mm
• Main shaft diameter: 12 mm
• Tail shaft diameter: 6 mm
• Spindle shaft diameter: 10 mm
• Gear Ratios 8.6-11.9 : 1
• Weight including electronics: 3620 g (excluding flight battery).

• 22T motor pulley included (other pulley sizes available)

• All pulleys are made for 6 and 8 mm motor shaft

• Cyclic Servos: Standard size (40mm)
• Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
• Typical Speed Controller: 120-160A
• Motors: (Max Diameter: 64 mm, Max Height: 64 mm)
• Battery compartment: until 75x58x350mm

Kit Includes:
• 22T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
• 2 battery tray

18T Pulley (P/N H0175-18-S) Ratio 11.9:1
19T Pulley (P/N H0175-19-S) Ratio 11.3:1
20T Pulley (P/N H0175-20-S) Ratio 10.7:1
21T Pulley (P/N H0175-21-S) Ratio 10.2:1
22T Pulley (P/N H0175-22-S) Ratio 9.8:1
23T Pulley (P/N H0175-23-S) Ratio 9.3:1
24T Pulley (P/N H0175-24-S) Ratio 8.9:1
26T Pulley (P/N H0175-26-S) Ratio 8.6:1

  • The Thunder Sport has been developed to provide the best performance for the best price.
  • Delivering maximum FUN for your money with lower than every canopy, boom and side frame cost, providing the best solution while delivering consistent performance in line with the Thunder Family.
  • The Thunder Sport is all about Fun and performance on a budget.
  • Premium Performance on a Budget

    • Stylish fibreglass canopy weighing in at 230rm, RRP .
    • New Carbon tail boom manufacturing using an innovative lower cost process pushing the RRP down to
    • Strong, proven HPS black matte head, perfect for all flight abilities and conditions
    • Stable wide landing gear, for safer landings and stable take offs.
    • G10 mainframe delivers performance on a budget. Compatiable with the standard carbon frame to allow simple upgrading.
    • No Blades included, giving you more freedom to choose your styla and control your budget.

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